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How big will a Cuddle Clone be?

Cuddle Clones are made in a standard size range of 4 to 23 inches in length (tail not included). The actual size you will receive is based on many factors including the type of pet, breed, and artistic interpretation. The following chart can help det

What are Cuddle Clones made of?

Cuddle Clones are handmade using plush materials. We choose from literally thousands of synthetic fabrics to find the best match for your pet. The most common plush materials we use are polyester and acrylic. We also utilize water-based airbrushing t

How do I care for my Cuddle Clone?

The best way to care for your Cuddle Clone is to keep it dry and clean. Cuddle Clones are colored using water-based airbrushing so excess moisture should be avoided as it could potentially cause fading. This includes body fluids, rain, etc. However,

What position will my Cuddle Clone be in?

When you click to order your Cuddle Clone and create a pet profile, you will be able to select the body position for it. We offer 3 standard body positions for dogs, and 2 for cats and horses:. For other animals, the body position is not selectable.

Where are Cuddle Clones made?

Cuddle Clones are made at our 100%-owned small workshop located in the city of Dongguan in China’s Guangdong province. Our workshop has many talented designers and highly skilled support staff and it is a very nice little place. Locating our workshop

What do I get to customize?

Almost everything!. Depending on your pet and what animal they are, you get to choose the following options: body position, mouth position, ear positions, eye colors, and tail position. However, you can also request special positions for the parts me

Is it possible to have storage for ashes or other items in my Cuddle Clone?

It sure is! You can add an optional zipper pouch to the order. This special feature is an additional $20. You will be able to select this option as an add-on when placing your plush Cuddle Clone order:. If your order was already placed and you'd like

Can you make clothing or apparel for my Cuddle Clone?

Creating custom clothes or other apparel is not something we are able to offer, nor can we guarantee your existing pet’s clothing will fit on your Cuddle Clone. The only piece of apparel we offer for Cuddle Clones is custom bandanas. You can select b

Will my Cuddle Clone look exactly like my pet?

We do our very best to ensure that your Cuddle Clone captures the characteristics and likeness of your pet to the absolute best of our abilities. We are very proud of our products and how much they resemble actual pets. However, please do keep in min

What clubs will the Golf Club Headcover fit on?

Our Golf Club Headcovers are made to fit on a standard driver but will work with 3 woods, 5 woods, and 7 woods. The smaller the club the looser the cover will fit.

What size Slippers should I order?

See our sizing charts on the Plush Pet Slippers product page or on the screenshots below to select the appropriate size to order. We offer different size charts for different countries:. US/Canada:. Australia:. UK:. Europe:. Japan:.

My pet's breeds or species aren't listed. Can I still order a custom plush product?

You sure can! If the species of your pet is not listed, simply select ‘Other’ for the species and then choose the species in the species dropdown:. If the species is not listed, you will simply select ‘Other/Mixed’ and a box will appear where you can

Can I use my pet's real fur or other material to make a custom plush product?

This is not something we can offer. Our products require a specific process to create and materials cannot be substituted so we need to use our own. If you have something from your pet (a piece of fur, ashes, etc) you'd like to have on your Plush Cud

Can I order a custom plush product that is not of my pet?

This is not something we offer. We are highly focused on replicating pets and animals only so we cannot create a Plush Clone, Golf Club Headcover, or Slippers of a fictional character or a drawing.