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New Image RequestsUpdated a year ago

If the image you provided for your order is not sufficient we will request a new one from you. Use this page to learn why and how to provide new images for the best results.

Pet Print Products

If you ordered one of our custom pet print products (blanket, mug, socks, etc.), we most likely requested a new image from you for one of two reasons:


You don't need a photo taken by a professional photographer to order a pet print product, but the photo you provide does need to meet certain standards for the image to print clearly on the product. Here are a few tips to submit a great photo for pet print products:

      • Make sure your pet is looking at the camera with their full face in the photo.
      • Avoid photos taken at night, in dark environments or with colored lighting.
      • Use the highest resolution photo possible and upload the original size photo.

Want more tips? See our Guide to Submitting Great Order Pictures!

Number of Pets

At this time we can only create pet print products with a picture of one pet. If you submitted a picture that contains more than one pet, we need you to upload a new picture that contains just the pet you want on the product.

Upload New Image

Plush Products

If you ordered a plush product, we may need additional images to ensure we get a specific detail as accurate as possible. While our artists will work with whatever images you can provide, they occasionally need more to check a few details that were not super clear in the initial order photos, like the length of the pet's snout or a special marking on the back. If you cannot locate what sort of photos we need inside your profile, please contact us.

In the example images below we requested that the customer provide new images that show the length of the dog's snout and markings on their chest and neck. As you can see, the new photos will give our artists exactly what they need to create a plush product that looks just like the dog!

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