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Guide to Submitting the Perfect Pet Photo for your OrderUpdated a year ago

Check out our handy quick reference guide to submitting great order pictures when placing your Cuddles Clones order!

These are merely guidelines of what we’d prefer but we will absolutely work with whatever pictures you have if your pet has passed away. 

Occasionally, our designers will be unable to use the photos you provided to complete your order. In this case, you will receive an email along with a link to your account so you can check the information they need.


Good Resolution vs. Bad Resolution dog photo

Use a Good Quality Camera

Make sure the camera has high enough resolution that can take photos of size 4 megapixels or larger. Upload the original size photo, do not resize.

Well Lit vs. Poorly Lit Dog Photos

Ensure Good Lighting 

It’s best to take photos in daylight, outdoor conditions. Avoid direct sunlight. Avoid evening times and dark shadows. Ensure correct exposure, so that the photos are neither too bright nor too dark. Avoid posing the pet on brightly colored backgrounds, try white or neutral surroundings. The color of bright objects, like a red carpet, reflects on the fur of the pet giving an incorrect color in the photo and on the model. Avoid using built-in flash.

Well Framed vs. Poorly Framed Dog Photos

Frame Correctly

Avoid long shots. Ensure that whole of the body is framed with little background around it. This utilizes the full resolution of the picture.

Well Posed vs. Poorly Posed Pet Photos

Pose Correctly

Try to get the same pose in the photo in which you intend to have the model made.

Well Focused vs. Poorly Focused Cat Photos

Ensure Good Focus

 Try to get a sharp focus, blurry photos don’t help. Use a tripod if available.

Close up of a striped cat tail

Special Markings

 If your pet has unique features, like rings on the tail or different colored eyes, it's best to take a close-up of it, so that these features can be captured accurately in the model.

Different angles of pet photos


Submit at least one picture of the following: Face, Back, Left Side, Right Side, Chest/Underbelly, and Tail.


Creating the most accurate representation of your beloved pet in stuffed animal form is extremely important to us. We hope you have found this guide on submitting great order pictures helpful when preparing your order!


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