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Plush AlterationsUpdated 4 months ago

Products include : Custom Clone, Golf Headcover, Slippers and Custom Bobbleheads, Magnets

We want you to love your Cuddle Clone, and we are committed to bringing your pet’s personality to life! If your Cuddle Clone doesn’t quite capture their unique charm, we offer a free alteration to perfect every detail! Simply contact our dedicated Customer team at [email protected] within 30 days of receiving your product. Please provide photos of your Clone and your beloved pet for comparison, and we will communicate with our team of artists to make any necessary alterations!

If you chose not to take advantage of our alteration option, a full refund, less the cost of rush and shipping fees is available for all Plush products including Plush Cuddle Clones. Golf Headcovers, Slippers and Custom Bobbleheads within 30 days of delivery. 

Begin either of these processes by reaching out to our dedicated Customer team before return shipping. After alteration or refund has been initiated with our team, returns should be sent to Cuddle Clones - 115 West Bartges, Suite 401, Akron, Ohio 44311.

What can be changed?

When you send your plush back to us to undergo the alteration process, we can address almost everything! This includes the color of the fur, the length of the fur, the width of the snout, the position of the eyes or nose, the thickness of the legs or chest, and more. No matter what the issue is, our skilled artists can update your plush to better fit your pet.

What can't be changed?

While we try to accommodate most changes requested during an alteration, we cannot honor an alteration for options that were chosen during the ordering process unless a mistake was made by our artists. For example, we cannot offer a remake to change the color of the eyes, the position of the mouth, the position of the ears, the position of the plush itself, or the position of the tail as these were all chosen at the time the order was placed.

Tips for Success

  • Be as specific as possible when listing changes. For example, instead of saying "make the fur longer and darker" say "make the fur 1 inch longer and 2 shades darker."

  • If possible, add new photos of your pet that show the specific areas that need correction.

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