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Help with ordering steps

How to Edit Your Cart

Here you can find out how you can view your cart, remove an item from your cart, update the number of items and also apply a coupon code or gift card. You can go to your cart by clicking on the Cart button on the upper right side of your screen or by

How to Enter Billing and Shipping Information

If you are here we can assume you already have decided to buy one of our pawsome products, and you just need a little help with entering the address. We are here to guide you through it!. Click on your cart (shopping bag icon) and select “Proceed to

How to Create a Pet Profile + Order Your Plush Item

We will use our Original Plush Cuddle Clone as an example for this tutorial but the process is very similar for our other two plush products, the Golf Club Headcover, and the Slippers. Click on “Get Started” on the product's page:. You get to see a p